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, the exposing the dark side of the personal finance industry" which a later you called the personal finance industry complex that is not only investment banks and brokers and financial planners also the financial media seminar leaders and even include yourself as of former columnist for the "l.a. times" monday makeover column a and call yourself as part of the complex and point* out with some guilt is you were responsible for giving people the illusion of control. what you mean by that? >> guest: i will backtrack. personal finance started 1930's with the sylvia porter spinning out of the self-help business that are known for everything from saw hard economic times with alcoholics anonymous developed to napoleon hill sinking negative rich, various social activist movements, fascism and there are others in developing and her goal is to educate people about the great depression will never happen again but it is the a deal we can teach people certain skills and we will be o.k. but overtime personal finance slowly becomes severed. so which is less about the political backbone to be fair to sylvi
of the personal finance industry which leader you call the industry complex which includes not only investment brokers but also the financial media, seminar leaders, newsletter publishers. you even include yourself as a former columnist with the "l.a. times" and the money makeover column. it's part of this complex, and you point out with some guilt that you were responsible for giving people the illusion of control. >> you talk about that in the book. what do you mean by delusion for control? >> guest: it starts with sylvia porter and it is a spinoff on the self-help movement in the 1930's they are known for everything from the of hard economic times of the 1930's you see everything from alcoholics anonymous to napoleon thinking who get rich to the various social activist movements and fascism and communism. he delivers personal finance out of the fears that this great depression will never happen. it's this idea that we can teach people certain skills and that we will all be okay. it's personal finance slowly becomes severed for the pure greater extent so it becomes less about the political b
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2